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So this morning I roll into work and find that I have a GTalk friend request from a ‘’. My initial reaction was, “Really, who uses AOL anymore?”. Other red flags about the email address include the use of “hot”, “skylar”, and “11″.

1997 called and they want their email address back.

On the off chance (really off chance) that I might actually know this person, I accepted the friend request. Much to my surprise, this person was actually online at 8:00 AM with a status of “bored…”.


I immediately received an IM and the conversation went like this:

hotskylar11: hey

Joshua: hey

hotskylar11: hey whats up? 22/F here. you?

Joshua: nope

Followed by me promptly blocking and removing that account from GTalk. Had I not been at work, I might have been tempted to see exactly how they were going to try and scam me. Oh well. I’m sure there’s some poor sucker out there talking to hotskylar11.